LISD iViSiOn iPad Initiative

iViSiON 1:1 Student iPad Program

In an effort to provide students the opportunity to utilize technology as a tool for learning, Lackland ISD has made it a goal to offer students 24/7 accessibility to their learning with the 1:1 iPad program for 6th through 12th grades. Students in K through 5th have 1:1 iPads that remain at school.

As a district, we view this initiative as a way to move towards being more innovative in our classroom instruction, to integrate 21st century skills into our curriculum, and to provide inspiration and motivation to increase student engagement in and out of the classroom.

We require parents and students entering school watch a 10 minute orientation video and answer some simple questions in an online course before an iPad will be issued. Instructions can be accessed here. Please email our Instructional Technologists if you have questions about the program, Lesley Wreyford (6-12) or Dana Kickler (PreK-5th)


Wondering about your child's digital footprint (or your own)?

Set up a Google Alert! 

1. Sign into a Google account
2. Go to
3. Set up a search query with your name or an online identity or username
4. Set up alert delivery preferences