Sarah Moon

Senior Sarah Moon
Posted on 05/26/2017

Sarah Moon
By Mya Wells, 11th grader/s2s member
Stacey S2S is happy and sad to see loyal member Sarah Moon graduate this year. Valedictorian of her class, Sarah has been a part of Student2Student for seven years. She joined the program because she understood what it was like to be alone in a new place with new people. She wanted to keep others from feeling that loneliness, and in the end, she got that and more. S2S helped Sarah become more of a leader among her peers and not be as shy around new people. She now takes initiative and does what she can to help those around her. After years in the program, Sarah’s advice to incoming S2S and even current members is “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.” This is a value that is hard for a lot of youth these days, but with people like Sarah and programs like S2S, we get one step closer to making the world a much more understanding place. Good Luck in the world Sarah, and we know you’ll make a huge impact someday!