Family Science Night

Family Science Night
Posted on 10/20/2017

On Thursday, October 19th, we had our Slimy Science Family Night event. It was a huge success with over 85 families participating in four different lab activities. Every activity had a Halloween theme.  The science focus was on OBSERVATIONS, MEASUREMENT TOOLS, and DATA COLLECTION. The activities consisted of the following:

  • Spooky Slime – learned about how mixtures can create non-Newtonian fluids (fluids that have properties of both solids and liquids); we came home with some gooey slime
  • Kooky Candy – learned how some solids sink and others float depending on how they are made; we all contributed to a school-wide data table; we came home with a little chocolate candy in our bellies
  • Insane Skittles – learned about the frequency of each candy color and using our senses to make observations; we also learned about solutes and solvents; we all contributed to a school-wide tally chart; we came home with some Skittles in our bellies
  • Hocus Pocus Focus – learned about optical illusions and a bit more about how fast our eyes work to see images; we came home with a cool toy called a thaumatrope

We always look forward to these Family Nights and hope that our next one will be even bigger! Thanks so much to all the wonderful volunteers of teachers, paraprofessionals, student teachers, and PTSO parents!  And thank you to all the families who came out to participate!