Js2s / s2s Celebratory Luncheon

Js2s/s2s Celebratory Luncheon
Posted on 05/19/2017

 Js2s/s2s Celebratory Luncheon
By Mya Wells, s2s member/10th grader
                On May 17, the Stacey Js2s and s2s groups held their Year End Luncheon. The sponsors, Mrs. Duron and Ms. Nicholson, with the help of Ms. Aimee Carrasco, Mr. Jason Johnson and Ms. Lori Phipps rewarded the Js2s/s2s programs with a Bush’s Chicken lunch. The students were also awarded certificates and free pizza coupons for Peter Piper Pizza. Mrs. Duron and Ms. Nicholson were rewarded with military coins by Ms. Lori Phipps as a thank you for their work. Overall, the Stacey Js2s and s2s had a great season this year and we look forward to doing even better next year.